Strategy Copywriting Outreach


Do you need help creating a communications strategy?
Are you reaching the right people with the right messages?
Has your team exhausted its communication ideas?

I can help by providing:

Communication Planning

I can help clients plan their communications programmes to reach marketing objectives starting with asking ‘What do you want to say and to whom?’ all the way through evaluation and continuous improvement. Getting started can be the hardest part, but it can be made easier by breaking down the communications process into distinct sections in a plan including audience, message and desired outcomes.  It’s all about starting a two-way conversation with your target customers. Planning your marketing communications consists of confirming your communication objectives, devising ways to reach your targets and shaping the ongoing conversation with your key messages.  Sometimes a straightforward message about your product or service will work, but in other situations, your audience may be more influenced by indirect messages.  If your messages aren’t getting the attention they deserve, I’d love to work with you to develop a communications programme that will spread the word about your product or service.

Customer Research

A former colleague was asked by her daughter, “What is it called when one person sleeps on top of another person?” She went into an age-appropriate explanation of the facts of life, which took much deliberation and concentration. Twenty minutes later, her daughter shrugged and said, “I thought it was called a bunk bed.” The lesson is that you need to be attuned to your audience and their needs. Why do they need your product? What could they gain personally from using your service? Guessing at these queries might lead you to lose your audience before you inform them about about your unique benefits. Or you may end up talking about a sensitive subject you’d rather avoid! Asking the right questions and really listening to the answers can yield valuable information for your communications strategy. I can help survey your target audiences to learn what messages motivate them and how they can be persuaded to change their behaviour. If you’d like your customers to feel that your company understands what they want like no other, I’d love to work with you to conduct survey research that will inform a strategic communications plan.


It’s a great feeling to be in a room where creative fireworks are exploding and new ideas are being generated and built upon toward a business goal. But no doubt you’ve been in meetings where no new thoughts are put forward and participants struggle to exercise their creativity. A successful brainstorm relies on preparation and convening the right people to collaborate. The brainstorming process needs all kinds of people to spark off of each other and generate a dynamic flow of ideas.  By developing thought-provoking written materials and moderating specific exercises, I can draw out exciting solutions from individuals and groups. I can work with clients to harness their teams’ creative energy and develop powerful communication ideas and campaigns. If you’d like your next brainstorm to be more productive, let’s work together to host a session that results in imaginative outcomes.