Strategy Copywriting Outreach


Are you ready to partner with others for mutual benefit?
Do you communicate with staff to motivate them to excellence?
How might you leverage spokespeople to credibly tell your story?

I can help by providing:

Community Relations

A company’s relationship with its surrounding community can be just as important as its relationship with customers. You may have heard, “It’s not what you say about yourself that’s important, it’s what others say about you.” So what are your trade associations, industry partners, related charities, and other organizations in your world saying about you? And how can you influence those conversations? My experience has given me opportunities to build communication networks for clients and strengthen their relationships with important community partners. If you set out your company goals then listen to the other organization’s goals, you might be surprised at the promising overlapping areas where the two could work together. If you are ready to be part of the community conversation, let’s work together to develop partnerships that can support your marketing strategy.

Internal Communications

If employees are happy at their jobs, they will do their best work. Have you walked into a store or restaurant and sensed that the staff is stressed, overworked, resentful? Can you tell the difference when you enter another company and the people you talk to are happy to help you and genuinely passionate about customer service? How you communicate with your employees can affect your company’s business goals. This is especially true if you are going through any sort of change or restructuring. If you believe that your company’s most valuable assets are its employees, then they deserve to be listened to, and to be well-informed. I have helped clients develop employee programs that unite and motivate staff while telling them about important company business through intranet sites, teleconferences, team meetings and printed material. Whether your company has four employees or four hundred, I can help you communicate internally so your employees feel valued and work as full participants toward your business objectives.

Spokesperson Media Training

Every day, I tell my children how important it is to clean their teeth, but they don’t always listen. However when the dentist tells them the same thing, they rush home and start brushing! When an outside spokesperson delivers your company’s message, your target customers may be inspired to finally make a change. Whether the spokesperson is an industry partner, an expert from an associated organization, or even a celebrity, I can harness their influence to promote your product or service.  Journalists perceive spokespeople as credible sources of information so they can be valuable additions to media campaigns. To prepare for media interviews, I have written thorough question and answer documents to help spokespeople respond to even the trickiest questions with poise. Then, I have conducted message training to teach spokespeople to segue from answering a journalist’s question to providing the company’s point of view.  Let’s work together to leverage the expertise of a spokesperson to make a powerful impact on your target market.