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Copy Writing

What is your marketing language saying about your company?
Does your website truly represent your vision and unique offerings?
Do you need copy written for a printed piece or a presentation?

I can help by providing:

Copy Writing

Effective messages resonate with an audience and inspire action. I have helped clients reach their targets and change behaviour through powerful copy in marketing tools including web pages, newsletters, white papers, annual reports and media materials. My experience encompasses writing for consumer audiences as well as medical professionals and corporate executives, so I am comfortable writing in both formal and familiar voices. No matter how compelling your product is, if its benefits aren’t explained quickly and clearly in writing, your potential customers will struggle to buy into it.  For example, your web page needs to represent you and display the personality of your service - good copy can achieve this. You’ve likely seen flyers or web pages that have left you wondering, “What is this company’s vision and why should I care?” But if you want your readers to immediately think, “I get it!” then I’d love to work with you to develop meaningful copy for your marketing materials.


My communications experience has taught me that creating a powerful presentation and believing in every message within it can assuage most of the nervousness associated with public speaking. But what is the best way to capture all the thoughts you want to convey and share them with the audience? It’s not by creating a slide presentation with lines and lines of text on each page. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your audience was so enthralled with your message, not your slides, that they walked out of your presentation fully believing in what you communicated? I have written presentations for senior physicians explaining complicated medical treatments to other medical professionals, as well as for community advocates describing the benefits of disease prevention to teenagers. I have helped experienced and new public speakers prepare for events and speeches by coaching them through their presentations. If you have an important public speaking event or meeting coming up, I’d be happy to work with you to develop a presentation that will captivate your audience, no matter how big or small.