Book group – The Husband’s Secret

Liane Moriarty’s story was a winner in our book group. The characters were recognisable even though they were dealing with secrets beyond any of our experiences. Issues of sisterhood, forgiveness and parental guilt gave us plenty to discuss.

  1. What did you think of the chapter structure moving you through the days of the week?
  2. How did the image on the front cover of a butterfly in a jar relate to the story?
  3. Was this story set only in the described time period or could the same tale have been told during a different timeframe?
  4. Was this story particular to Australia or could the book have taken place in another location?
  5. Did you relate to or sympathize with any of the characters? Why or why not?
  6. How did the story focus on mistakes that had been made by the characters? Did the characters expect forgiveness? Were they prepared to live with being unforgiven? How did this expectation or state of being unforgiven add to the tension in the story?
  7. Were the characters able to keep secrets without impacting their lives? Did any of the characters feel it was better not to tell their secrets?
  8. What role did stereotypes play in the story? How much did you expect particular characters to be found guilty or not guilty? Did any of the characters fall prey to their prejudices about other characters?
  9. Did you think any of the characters were putting up a façade or false front to portray their lives in a particular way? Why did they not tell other characters how they really felt or what they really knew?
  10. What did you think of the sister relationship in the story? Would it have survived the events described?

The Husband's Secret