Five tips for effective business communication

Some of us may be working on end-of-year marketing efforts to reach just one more client. Take the time to make sure you are targeting your ideal client with language that will resonate and prompt action.

  1. Know your audience – interview existing and potential customers, find out what they want to know about your product or service, learn what sources of information they trust
  2. Focus on your business objectives – examine how you want your business to change or grow and aim your business communication toward making that change
  3. Develop a set of core messages – don’t deviate or add to these, be consistent and use these messages in all of your communication
  4. Choose the most effective communications activities – no one has unlimited budget so prioritise the most helpful tactics that will achieve your business objectives
  5. Measure success and continuously adjust – ask for feedback, amplify what is working and make changes to fix what’s not

And here is a quick video with business communication tips:

Good luck with your final marketing outreach for 2014. Now it’s time to plan your 2015 communications!

2 thoughts on “Five tips for effective business communication

  1. Hi, Cristina – thank you for these terrific tips and this very helpful video!

    I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Cristina Benson Communications.

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