Recipe #8: Egg and bacon stuffed tomatoes

Look at the gorgeous photo included with this recipe. The colours and textures convinced me to clip it from a Sunday supplement and I was excited to try cooking it. While it does include bacon, this recipe appealed to me because it’s light on the meat content. It’s positioned as a breakfast item, but we love this type of thing for dinner. So I tried it as a mid-week meal.

Starting with ingredients, the list was quite short and easy to acquire. Slightly annoying was the tomato item listed as topped and emptied. My feeling is that the instructions to slice off the lids and scoop out the contents should be part of the recipe; it’s not as if you can find tomatoes already prepared this way at the store. A minor offense, however, and not a problem if you read the recipe prior to starting to cook.

Hollowing out the tomatoes took a bit of patience and finesse, especially for the very ripe tomatoes. I suggest trying a grapefruit knife with a curved end to reach the bottoms of the tomatoes. Then scrambling the eggs was straightforward, though I probably let them cook a bit too long. Next time, I’ll watch the pan more closely, take the eggs off when they’re still runny as the recipe instructs so they pour into the tomato bowls more easily. I used cubed pancetta instead of chopping bacon and pre-cooked it a bit in a separate pan.

The filled tomatoes looked sweet going into the oven and the kitchen started to smell lovely as everything roasted together. My children added a bit of cheese on top of their tomatoes instead of dill and that was an easy way to tailor these treats. The resulting stuffed tomatoes were beautiful on the plate and tasted great too. Hungry Games verdict: this easy recipe can certainly stay in my kitchen!

egg and bacon stuffed tomatoes egg and bacon stuffed tomatoes cooked

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