Recipe #7: Moroccan lamb

Even though this recipe describes itself as a summer roast, I gave it a try recently and it went down a treat no matter the season. Right up top, alternative cooking instructions were given to cook the lamb in a slow cooker so I jumped at that opportunity. The ultimate in advance preparation, I looked forward to popping the joint into the slow cooker in the middle of the day, then coming home to dinner ready to eat in the evening.

Some typical ingredients went into the slow cooker with the lamb but also dried apricots and a lovely Moroccan-inspired paste to top the joint. I couldn’t find pomegranate molasses at the grocery store, which surprised me as this was a Sainsbury’s recipe. I had some treacle in the cupboard and guessed that this might be the right consistency so I added this to the paste instead.

All went well assembling the ingredients in the slow cooker. The recipe instructed me to use a ‘high’ setting on the slow cooker but mine only had one setting. I gave the dish an extra hour to cook so I hoped that would make up for the lower temperature.

Well, sadly, that was a false hope and I was disappointed to come home in the evening to find no warm aroma of lamb in the house and a barely cooked joint in the slow cooker. It’s hard for me to blame the recipe as my slow cooker probably wasn’t on a high enough temperature. But we were still disappointed when I had to throw together something else for dinner instead. I finished cooking this lamb dish the next night in the regular oven and I’m happy to report that it was delicious. Even the children voted it a keeper. So, despite the very mixed bag of good and bad results, The Hungry Games verdict for Moroccan lamb is that it can stay in my kitchen! Obviously, I’ll probably use the regular oven rather than the slow cooker next time.

Moroccan lamb

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