Recipe #6: Massaman beef patties

Snipped from Sainsbury’s magazine, I had high hopes for this recipe because it looked like it could be made in one dish, featured plenty of fresh veg and included some new flavors. I was curious about ‘massaman curry paste’ and the rice vermicelli noodles made it gluten-free; a necessity for my coeliac husband. Finally, it was hard to resist a recipe that used the word ‘zesty’ in its description.

From the top, I found the promotion of this recipe as ‘burgers without the buns’ misleading as these don’t resemble traditional burgers at all. But I was pleased to make the vegetable mixture and beef patties in advance. While the recipe instructed me to slice the sugar snap peas in half, this only made the tiny half peas on the inside fall out, so I left my sugar snaps whole. The beef patties and veg could be stored in the fridge all day until they needed to be grilled just before dinner.

I hadn’t really cooked with instant rice vermicelli noodles before so I was thrilled at how quick and easy they are to use. I’ll definitely keep a supply of these in the cupboard for the future. As usual, I kept the dressing on the side so my little ones could add or not to taste. After everything was assembled in the roasting dish, the Asian aromas that came from the oven were enticing. Colorful and tasty, we all enjoyed the taste of the beef patties and the crunch of the fresh veg and peanuts in the dish.

With recipes written like this one, I find myself re-ordering the steps in my head, especially if I’m preparing part of the dish in advance. For example, I didn’t want to mix the dressing into the rest of the ingredients in advance, so I didn’t find it helpful when the instructions told me to use a particular bowl for the dressing and add other components. For me, this recipe didn’t quite achieve the right balance between too much instruction and not enough.

So, it’s a difficult Hungry Games call to make on Massaman beef patties: should it stay or go? Because the result was so tasty, I’m going to let this recipe stay in my kitchen. But I’ll probably make notes in the margin for next time.

Massaman beef patties

massaman beef patties COOKED

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