‘Tis the season to be thankful


It’s almost Christmas but I hope it’s not too late to send out a big thank you to Outsider Tart for a fantastic Thanksgiving. For the first time in 13 years, I did not cook up a turkey and all the trimmings on my own, but instead took the family to Outsider Tart for the annual feast. Here’s why it was a real treat.


The dining room restaurant, Blue Plate, was transformed into a magical harvest festival with candles and table decorations. Our kids were especially pleased with the personalized cookies at each place and I was impressed that my name was spelled correctly. Family style seating meant that we met other friendly Chiswickians celebrating America’s holiday of gratitude. We enjoyed our neighbors and the buffet style serving that allowed us to have seconds – a tradition at all Thanksgiving meals, surely!


The food offered an exciting combination of traditional and new flavors. My turkey never turns out as juicy as the one served that night so it was truly a ‘main event’ instead of the usual boring bit in the middle of the plate. I loved the cranberry cornbread stuffing and vowed to find a recipe to try at home. Our favorite sides were corn pudding (made with homemade buttermilk ricotta), pear succotash and pumpkin kugel.


Everything was delicious and I don’t know how we managed to save room for the pumpkin cheesecake. But we wouldn’t dream of eating at Outsider Tart and skipping dessert.


The effect of the feast was transformational. Our kids behaved well, we enjoyed the evening without pressure to wash mountains of dishes, and we remembered how good it is just to enjoy a meal together. So that’s why I’m so thankful to David and Other David of Outsider Tart for hosting Thanksgiving this year. We may make it a tradition!


What are you thankful for as we near the end of 2014? It’s not too late to share the gratitude. A columnist put it well when she said that she wished holiday cards expressed more than ‘I remembered your address.’ Perhaps communicating our thanks will help us aim for success in 2015.


Happy holidays and thank you too!

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